Even Light Can’t See Everything in the Universe!!

The universe is HUGE, and I mean larger than we can comprehend. It is in fact so large, that it takes light around a time of approximately 150 THOUSAND years to travel across just our galaxy! So how can we ever expect to explore our whole universe? That is what I am gonna try to … Read more

F1 and DRS- Were times better without it?

Introduction to F1 The word F1 causes a lot of images to pop up in one’s mind. The streets of Monaco, the crashes, the emotions, the drama, the classic podium. Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, and for the old schoolers, Williams. But they are all incomplete, without the inclusion of, the core, the legendary fast cars. … Read more

Pokemon AI- Gotta code ‘em all

Most people remember pokemon games to be nostalgic. Every 8-bit pixel revives a new memory and every classic sound effect teleports one back to losing a battle to a critical hit. They are known for their unique monsters, stats, moves and battles. The story mode allows players to battle eight gyms, enemy bosses, elite four … Read more

Football… Being Destroyed by VAR?

Football Before VAR Football, or as some like to call it soccer, has been around for decades, with the earliest records of it being played going as back as 1869. By being in the limelight for so long, there are ought to be some controversies that get stirred up. Some include the FIFA World Cup … Read more

Evolution of Autotune – Music & Tech Pt.1

Technology finds its way everywhere in every working necessary sector and sphere of our lives. We accommodate it in our houses, workplaces even bodies – our ears while blasting music, preferably whilst conversation; fitness paraphernalia to encompass all the methods of metabolism in our body. Dominating the ever-discovering scientific industry, a functioning powerhouse of data … Read more

Influence of Tech on Business – Business & Tech Pt.1

Technology on its own is quite fascinating and has a great influence on human life. The very idea of innovation and something aiding you to do a certain task, a helping partner throughout the time you desire promotes the leisure aspect of society.  The barter system was a form of communication very well established centuries … Read more

Dance & Tech – Blend Of Tech And Real World

Dance is slowly transitioning into a new career in technology. There is a lot to learn about the innovations around dance and technology. This refers to application of modern tech in activities related to dance such as choreography, performance and research. For dancers and audience the technology used is mainly the dancers body. While the … Read more

Quantum Computing – The New Age

In today’s world with the advancement in technology, the world of computers has reached its peak with entering the realm of quantum computing.  Traditional computers consist of transistors. These transistors are no longer enough to keep up with the efficiency required by us humans. The solution to this was to reduce the size of these … Read more

Tech in Psych Pt. 1

Psychology is the science of everything. Let’s build up to the above statement. Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour including the intricate study of the brain’s tech. Every idea originates in the form of a thought process and each thought process is carefully structured and manufactured by the brain. Thus, studying the … Read more