Synthesizers Pt1. – Synths 101

Very recently dropped a thundering (quite literally!), season 4 of Stranger Things- a worldwide mass acclaimed Netflix original that won the hearts of millions. Very true to its following and place on Netflix’s recommended list. A series that always keep us sunk in the chair, being a horror sci-fi, complete with its model features. But … Read more

Evolution of Autotune – Music & Tech Pt.1

Technology finds its way everywhere in every working necessary sector and sphere of our lives. We accommodate it in our houses, workplaces even bodies – our ears while blasting music, preferably whilst conversation; fitness paraphernalia to encompass all the methods of metabolism in our body. Dominating the ever-discovering scientific industry, a functioning powerhouse of data … Read more

Music & Robots – (AI Dev Series)

Hi All, In my last post, we ended with the ingenious creation of the automated music-playing robot: Shimon and its beautiful melodies. However, this creation filled its creator with a feeling of working against the talent that the current musicians possess. So, Gil Weinberg brought forth another project of his. He brought forth ‘Shimi’. As … Read more