Even Light Can’t See Everything in the Universe!!

The universe is HUGE, and I mean larger than we can comprehend. It is in fact so large, that it takes light around a time of approximately 150 THOUSAND years to travel across just our galaxy! So how can we ever expect to explore our whole universe? That is what I am gonna try to … Read more

Cyber Juvenile Delinquency

What is Juvenile Delinquency? Juvenile Delinquency is basically the involvement of a child between the age of 10 to 17 years old in illegal activity or behaviour.  Juvenile Delinquency shows two types of behaviour: Cyber Juvenile Delinquency: It is when juveniles commit fraud and various other cyber crimes and also by others who are using … Read more

Synthesizers Pt1. – Synths 101

Very recently dropped a thundering (quite literally!), season 4 of Stranger Things- a worldwide mass acclaimed Netflix original that won the hearts of millions. Very true to its following and place on Netflix’s recommended list. A series that always keep us sunk in the chair, being a horror sci-fi, complete with its model features. But … Read more

F1 and DRS- Were times better without it?

Introduction to F1 The word F1 causes a lot of images to pop up in one’s mind. The streets of Monaco, the crashes, the emotions, the drama, the classic podium. Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, and for the old schoolers, Williams. But they are all incomplete, without the inclusion of, the core, the legendary fast cars. … Read more

Pokemon AI- Gotta code ‘em all

Most people remember pokemon games to be nostalgic. Every 8-bit pixel revives a new memory and every classic sound effect teleports one back to losing a battle to a critical hit. They are known for their unique monsters, stats, moves and battles. The story mode allows players to battle eight gyms, enemy bosses, elite four … Read more

The Basis Of Cryptocurrency: Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is the hype of today. Be it teens or adults or even senior citizens everyone is talking about the rise and fall of bitcoin price etc. Bitcoin is very famous still very little credit is given to the creator of Bitcoin. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unverified individual, in 2008. He created … Read more


Neurotechnology provides a direct connection of technical components with the nervous system. These technical components can vary from electrodes, intelligent prostheses to even computers. In addition, these components manipulate brain activity by applying electrical or optical stimuli. Another function of the components is to record signals from the brain and translate them into technical control … Read more

The Ocean Floors from Space: NASA’s Fluid Lensing

Exploring the world’s oceans Throughout history, the oceans around the world have played very important roles in the lives of people. Ranging from modes of travel to means of trade and business, it’s surprising to see how little we know about these great expanses of water. The present approximate percentage of ocean exploration happens to … Read more