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Hi All, In my last post, we ended with the ingenious creation of the automated music-playing robot: Shimon and its beautiful melodies. However, this creation filled its creator with a feeling of working against the talent that the current musicians possess. So, Gil Weinberg brought forth another project of his. He brought forth ‘Shimi’.

Shimi, the smartphone-enabled robotic musical companion that can respond as well as enhance your musical experience. Image Courtesy –

As was said by its creator,” Shimi is a smartphone-enabled robotic musical companion that can respond to and enhance your musical experiences.” The bot works such that once you begin playing any particular form or type of music, it soaks in that music and finds patterns in it(Machine Learning). It doesn’t just stop there, but it plays music whichever is best suitable for that rhythm from the phone library, and even dances to the tune with gestures best fit for the song.
And soon, his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence and musical expression is now widely performed by symphonies around the world.

Another image of the smartphone-enabled robotic musical companion, Shimi. Also check out an actual video of Shimi in real life at the bottom of the post.

Check out Shimi dancing and waving in real life at the bottom of this post…Enjoy!!!

However, soon after his discovery, his innovative skills came to the attention of another musician, Jason Barnes. A guy who unexpectedly pushed Gil beyond enhancing robots and brought him to augmenting humans…

In case you missed, this is Gil Weinberg, the person altering the face of music the way we see it.

Gil Weinberg, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Music and the founding director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, where he leads the Robotic Musicianship group.

Epilogue :

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