6G – The Blazing Fast Future

Unprecedented Speed of 6G

6G the successor to 5G is promising speeds of up to 1000 Gigabits per second.  This is almost 50 times what 5G offers. Add to that a response time in Nano seconds. 100 times the reliability of 5G. The applications of this technology are almost magical.

Virtual meeting can go from videos on a 2D screen to 3D holograms of people almost like sci-fi movies.

You can expect a live worldwide AR network based on 6G. Allowing the real and the virtual world to become a single alternate reality world.

 We could create a worldwide driving network With such a network and self-driving cars, traffic congestion could be a thing of the past.

Due to the minimal response time, with 6G doctors can perform operation remotely using robotic arms.

The Practical View

Most of us remember the launch of 5G around 2019. Yet even after almost 3 years, most people haven’t had the chance to use 5G. Currently many devices are compatible. Unfortunately the infrastructure for 5G is simply not ready yet. It is expected that it will take at least a couple of years, before the world goes 5G. Under such conditions, it is hard to believe that major companies like Samsung and Qualcomm are already investing in it.

Currently the biggest issue with 5G is range. It is very easy to block 5G waves. 5G Millimeter waves can barely travel 500 meters. 6G will be using sub-millimeter waves which have an even lower range. This adds extra pressure on the infrastructure. With most companies struggling with infrastructure for 5G, how can 6G ever be feasible?

5G antenna with limited range

With this shouldn’t companies focus on spreading 5G instead of focusing on 6G?

The truth is that 6G is a technology projected to launch in 2030. It needs to support technology a decade down the line. Starting now is the only way 6G can be ready by the next decade. In 10 years, we would’ve simply reached the peak of 5G. By 2030, 5G will feel similar to how 4G currently feels. There is a need for a newer faster technology to replace 5G. It is not even a question of ‘should companies invest in 6G?’

By focusing on 6G right now companies are making sure they are ready for the future. These companies are spearheading humanity closer to a digital utopia

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