Neurotechnology provides a direct connection of technical components with the nervous system. These technical components can vary from electrodes, intelligent prostheses to even computers. In addition, these components manipulate brain activity by applying electrical or optical stimuli. Another function of the components is to record signals from the brain and translate them into technical control … Read more

The Ocean Floors from Space: NASA’s Fluid Lensing

Exploring the world’s oceans Throughout history, the oceans around the world have played very important roles in the lives of people. Ranging from modes of travel to means of trade and business, it’s surprising to see how little we know about these great expanses of water. The present approximate percentage of ocean exploration happens to … Read more

War And Medicine Pt.1

The First World War was unlike anything humanity had seen before. With the development of machineguns and heavy artillery, it is still considered to be one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. The novel artillery obliterated the flesh and bones of the unfortunate soldiers close enough to an impacting shell. The machineguns shredded through men … Read more

Mental Health – Interface with Tech

An unprecedented time period that swayed away people’s emotions like nobody’s business – “ The COVID19 Pandemic”. Not only did it affect physical health but also took a toll on mental health. The frontline workers switched from in person consultations to online consultations. A major shift in the field of mental health and behavioral sciences … Read more

Anime & its Influence on Technology

Anime & Tech For decades, Anime was made in and for Japan. With a distinct look and feel to not only the artwork but also the storyline, ideas, and concepts. It has become an international sensation over the previous forty years, garnering millions of admirer. That may sound like an exaggeration, but there’s no denying … Read more

Quantum Mechanics Pt.1

The 4 Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics As many people know there are quite a few interpretations of quantum mechanics and what role it plays in our universe. Two of the most influential of these are the Copenhagen interpretation and the Many worlds theory Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a theory to explain matter at an … Read more

Football… Being Destroyed by VAR?

Football Before VAR Football, or as some like to call it soccer, has been around for decades, with the earliest records of it being played going as back as 1869. By being in the limelight for so long, there are ought to be some controversies that get stirred up. Some include the FIFA World Cup … Read more